Our creative doesn't start with trends

We make home décor for regional, national and international retailers. We were in business before you could buy a stud finder (that's 1956 for us and 1980 for the gadget that saved your knuckles). To this day, we're designing, customizing, proofing, ordering, manufacturing, examining, shipping and delivering.

A Return

On Creative.

We've developed our process

Around one thing...your needs.

We're in the market, keeping tabs on trends and designing for your shelves, your customers. You'll like what you see.

The Art of




Our global staff and manufacturing strength allow us to handle any job, and our stateside team of 27 designers, project managers, sample craftsmen, product managers and sales staff make your goals their own.



Once in production, your order is attentively managed by our overseas team to ensure your complete satisfaction. This includes a smooth post-order process and timely delivery. We'll be your highest standard.


for you.

Our people are your people. Some of the finest hearts, hands and minds in the business.
  • Terry
  • Laura
  • Cash
  • Connie
  • Roxie
  • Mike
  • Laurie
  • Jill
  • Adam
  • Susan




Terry Schaubert started as a production manager at Williamson in 1984. Over the years he has worked in every manufacturing operation and with every piece of equipment in the company. He has headed up sales for some of our largest clients, and since becoming President in 1996, has traveled extensively around the world to research and acquire new molding and manufacturing products. He’s a roll-up-the-sleeves leader always willing to step in and spend time on the factory floor when it’s needed. With his tremendous knowledge and years of building relationships in the industry, his leadership is a foundation any company would be proud to build on.


Vice President /


Laura came to Williamson in 1984 and since then, she's worn just about every hat hanging on our rack, from management to marketing, sales, and acquisitions. Laura brings her experience and influence to our design team and has overseen the styling of our own awesome office spaces and ensures our commitment to overall style and quality.




Cash brings a background in sales management in the gift industry, so he knows all about working with broad and varied inventory and working with both small and large clients. Cash has also been part of the management team of one of the world’s largest corporations. His specialty is a laser focus on customer needs and customer delight. He also brings product and industry knowledge and strong management skills to our team, highlighting training and putting people in the right positions to succeed with a servant-based leadership style.




Connie came to Williamson in 1996 as a marketing manager, taking over as Creative Director when Williamson transitioned from a custom frame moulding manufacturer and distributor to designing finished home décor products. Connie not only ensures our design team stays on task, she also brings her keen insight into the industry to work every day, making sure Williamson's designs and products are on (and ahead of) trends as well as competitively priced.




Roxie leads the team that makes sure every detail of every customer’s delivery experience is just right, from customs to packaging. All of our sales documentation and invoicing runs through her department. Roxie keeps us under firm “control,” as well as helping to make sure that we only hire “Rock Stars”!


VP of


Mike has had his boots on the ground in our Chinese factories regularly since coming to Williamson, learning under Terry's apt mentorship since the day he started. His way with people, his ability to speak fluent Chinese and his strong organizational skills keep things running smoothly both here and in China.


V.P. Sales


Laurie Fowler has a near-encyclopedic knowledge of our products and our capabilities. She’s our product expert, working with key accounts to assure that they have the best possible options to build strong sales. She knows what’s selling where, when, and why. Her instincts are spot on, and our clients can trust her when she suggests a new size, color scheme, or combination to fill a slot perfectly.


Director of


Jill is all about details, details, details. Jill’s team makes sure our files are perfect when they are sent to our manufacturers, leaving no questions unanswered, because getting it right here means getting it right there. Jill definitely keeps her finger on the Williamson pulse and is in constant communication, with our clients and our team, with emails flying back and forth. Attention to detail is her talent, and we’re so lucky she is part of our team. Give it to Jill, and you’ll know it’s going to be done right.


of sales


Adam Cheris brings a rich history of working with mass-market clients and years of established relationships that will continue to help us grow. Most importantly, Adam shares the Williamson commitment to building honest and trusting relationships with new clients that will last for years.


Director of


Susan comes to us from the “other side,” having been a buyer for a number of great retailers. Because she brings the customer’s perspective, understanding both the pricing and the product, she adds a terrific new element and invaluable insight to our team. With Susan’s knowledge, it’s like we’re inside our customer’s minds, helping us be sure we’re giving them exactly what they want.

We're good listeners.

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